Ways to use ribbons for your home

Ribbons are not appropriate only for children. Adults can also find them useful in terms of home decorations. Being able to create something by your own and beautifully display it around your house can be very pleasing. Moreover, when you find wholesale ribbons UK online stores, it is hard to resist the urge to place an order of these beautiful items. If you consider doing so, we have some ideas you might find appealing in terms of interior décor. Moreover, alternatives can be found on every social media platform. After all, everybody loves ribbons.

Ribbon backdrop wall decoration

We all have somewhere in our houses that ugly wall we still didn’t manage to repaint or fix. If you lack the energy or time to restore it, or even if you only want some update on your living room, we have a solution. You can create an easy-to-do and affordable decoration for it with ribbons. Depending on the general design of your home, you must pick ribbons in colours and patterns according to it. The supplies you are going to need are approximately 4ft wooden dowel, 30-35 twist ties and some scissors, as well as 40 yards of ribbon. The ribbon must be cut into pieces, about 4ft long. All you need to do is to fold a piece on the wooden dowel and secure it with a twist tie. Repeat the previous steps until you finish your ribbons. Now you can hide that ugly wall in your house.

Christmas decorations with ribbons

If you want a special Christmas door wreath this year, we have the best idea you could find out there. But first, you must be sure you have all the necessary supplies. You are going to need a very long ribbon, white, preferably and three plain wreaths, in slightly different sizes. Wrap the white ribbon around your three wreaths, loose. Then tie the wreaths between them and you created a snowman wreath for your door. Additionally, you can tie some tree décor to make it look a little more lively. Alternatively, you can vary the look with the different ideas you find on social media platforms. Luckily, there are plenty of them.

Ribbons are versatile items, highly appropriate for DIY projects. Not only you can use them to decorate your home, but also a handy person can easily create toys for their children.