Useful Router Table Accessories

A basic router table consists of a base, a worktop, and sometimes a fence that allows you to extend the functionality of the router table. However, the list of accessories that you can attach to your router table, whether it is a store-bought one or a homemade one, is very long and contains plenty of useful items. If you are not sure which accessories you should get for your router table, here are a few of those that will really come in handy.


When handling a wood piece on the router table, it is very important to apply the exact pressure that will keep it in place so the cut resulted will be straight and accurate. Featherboards are designed to keep the wood piece in place with the help of some small fingers that push the wood from above onto the table top so it will remain in the same position until you finish cutting it. DeWalt dwp611pk router can be paired with such a useful accessory in order to help you keep your wood piece in place. As seen in the dewalt dwp611pk router review, you can use the kit on any router table equipped with featherboards that secure the workpiece while cutting it, thus preventing accidents.

Precision plates

Each router table has a plate that allows you to attach the router from beneath so you will be able to perform your cuts. Most plates are made of phenolic resin or aluminum that match many router models without changing shape. Kreg also offers a precision plate like the PRS3036 made of a solid phenol with three level-lock rings to customize the router table to fit multiple router models. The plate has pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware and will easily accept any type of router as it will remain flat and solid.


During your routing tasks, you will definitely need a fence, in case your router table doesn’t have one. The fence enables you to attach a series of tools and accessories for various tasks like curve cutting, jointing, or drilling holes. Mast-R-Fence II is a cutting-edge unit that offers you all the comfort and safety you need while handling a router. This extruded aluminum fence easily glides in tracks and can match table tops from 24” to 32” wide and 1/2” to 1 1/2” thick. You can pair it with multiple router accessories and even has a dust collection port that matches most vacuum hoses.