Troubleshooting an Infrared Home Sauna

Having an infrared home sauna offers plenty of benefits in terms of comfort, health, and functionality. There are many infrared saunas to choose from, but we advise you to read some JNH sauna reviews and choose one of the JNH models because they are the most convenient ones, both in terms of functionality and costs. However, a home sauna can also cause you headaches if it stops working for some reason. At some point, you might realize that your home sauna is no longer working and if the problem is minor, you can solve it yourself. First, you have to detect the problem and find the best solution that will not temper with the well-functioning of the sauna. N the following lines, we have presented the most common issues you could experience with an infrared sauna and the easiest ways to solve them.

In case the sauna doesn’t turn on

This is a common issue that can be related to the electrical part of the sauna if you are lucky. The most simple way to fix that is to check if the power cord is connected to the power supply and to the control box located on top of the sauna. If this is not the issue, you must check that the breaker did not turn off and that the white wire in the control panel is securely connected. The problem can also be related to your power supply so you can try and replace it with another one to make sure it works.

In case the chromotherapy light doesn’t work

If your infrared home sauna came with a chromotherapy light system, you definitely want it to work. In case it doesn’t, check the battery of the system to make sure it’s properly inserted. Also, replace the battery to see if it still works and always point the remote directly at the remote receiver located near the chromotherapy lights.

In case all the heaters are not working

This problem requires you to check if the heaters plugs are connected to the control box of the sauna and that the sauna is then connected to the right power supply. The heater sensor should also be connected securely in order to have all the heaters working.

In case one or few heaters are not working

Check the respective infrared heater to see if it has been plugged in correctly to the control box and in the plugs under the bench. Keep in mind that the floor heater and the ones under the bench are not as hot as the others so this should not be considered an issue. The plug behind the heater must also be connected and to check this, you must unscrew the heater.