Tools and Gadgets for Growing Plants Indoors

Growing plants indoors can be very easy and productive if you rely on the help of the right tools that make gardening a real pleasure. The following tools and gadgets are a must-have for every gardening enthusiasts who want to provide their plants with the best growing environment.


This might look like a regular wood box for plants, but in fact, it’s an awesome gardening tool that is great for growing cooking herbs like parsley, thyme, or chives. Made of the finest PEFC-certified wood, this box contains organic soil and seeds and the best part is that you can register your product online and receive daily advice on how top take proper care of your delicious herbs.

Click n’ Grow Smart Garden

Discover this sleek flower pot that can change the way you grow your plants indoors. It contains a refillable water tank and a plant cartridge with seeds you can easily plant in the super-vitamin soil. As for taking care of the plants, you can relax knowing that this device includes sensors that monitor the plant’s needs in terms of fertilizer, water, and air.


Once you manage to put together this high-tech device, you will have a great help for growing plants indoors. The innovation of the Botanicalls is that it allows the plant to text you on the phone or on Twitter so you will know what it need and when. So, if you spend too much time on your phone and tend to neglect your plants, now you can combine these two items to benefit your plants.

Lamp Pot

Although this device looks like a nightstand lamp, it’s actually a flower pot that holds the plants underneath a lampshade with an LED lighting system. This way, the plants will receive the right amount of light and thanks to the telescopic shade pole, you can adjust the distance between the growing plant and the light shade.

LED Grow Lights

The useful LED light can successfully replace sunlight in case your indoor plants are not getting enough. The spectrum of light emitted by the led grow light can adjust to the needs of the plant in every growing stage so they will grow properly in indoor conditions.

Parrot Flower Power

This gardening tool is a sensor that keeps a track of every plant’s needs so you will know exactly when it’s time to water it or when you should offer it more light. This sensor can connect to your smartphone so you will receive live information about what your plants need so you will never forget to take care of them.