Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

Nowadays, we definitely can’t live without a refrigerator where to store all our food. The same as other household appliances, a refrigerator can also have problems and it will probably need some repairs. If you have noticed that your device is not working properly, then you definitely need to do something about this. Take a look at the following refrigerator troubleshooting guide, so that you know what’s best to do if your unit is not operating properly anymore.

The unit is not operating anymore and the lights don’t work either

If you encounter this problem with your fridge, then you need to first make sure that the device is plugged. Once you have done this and the problem still persists, then you must check for a blown fuse, and also test the power outlet to see if there is current or not. The next step you need to do is to start inspecting the electrical cord for any damage whatsoever. Furthermore, you must not forget to check the outlet voltage as well. These are the steps you must follow in case your fridge doesn’t operate anymore and the lights don’t work either.

The unit is not working but the lights are

In this case, you will need to check the settings for the temperature and also clean very good the condenser coils. Moreover, you will need to test the temperature control, the evaporator fan, the defrost timer, the compressor relay, the overload protector, and the compressor motor as well. All these steps will help you find out what is the issue.

The lights do not work at all

If the light of the device do not work at all, then you will definitely need to replace the bulbs and also test the door switch.

The fridge and the freezer are not cold enough

If you encounter this issue, then start by checking the temperature setting. Check very well the unit and see if there are any air flow restrictions in the vents of the unit, and also, make sure that there is enough room for the air flow to circulate with ease. Again, test the temperature control, the condenser coils, the door seals, the door switch, the defrost heater and timer, the evaporator fan, the drain tube, and the refrigerant leak.

The fridge and the freezer are too cold

If this happens, then you only need to do two things, to check the temperature settings and to test the temperature control as well. Keep in mind that a refrigerator troubleshooting guide will always help you find what are the problems that a household appliance like this could have, and therefore, find the right solution for solving the problem in a short time.