How to store gardening tools properly


Whether you are passionate about gardening or you are just looking to beautify your outdoor space, you need the right tools in order to get the job done professionally. If you invested in quality products to fuel your passion, you want to make the most out of your money. Of course, in order to perform, you need to provide them adequate maintenance that will make them last season after season. Thus, cleaning becomes imperative and the majority of homeowners try to avoid it as much as possible because it does not represent a pleasant task. After finishing the work in the garden, you probably need to enjoy a moment of silence and relaxation. However, cleaning is not important just for aesthetics, but also for reliability and longevity. The second thing you cannot neglect is proper storage and here you really have to pay attention.

Tricks to ensure the longevity of your tools

First, heat and humidity represent a harmful environment for any tool made of steel or metal. For this reason, you have to ensure a dry space to prevent rust from ruining your main elements of enhancing the garden. Shortly, humid climates are destructive, so unless you have a temperature-controlled garage or a dehumidifier, you should really take into consideration renting a climate-controlled storage unit. In addition, for new purchased tools, you might want to keep the case for extra protection and peace of mind, not to mention that it will facilitate the transportation. Surprisingly, those little silica gel packs that people usually use for their shoes in order to prevent smell from setting in are quite useful for a gardener. Besides stinky footwear, they prevent moisture, respectively rust from attacking your tools. Once again, they are perfect if you want to have the certainty that your precious tools benefit from maximum protection, even though storage units Sacramento have excellent insulation and they are perfectly sealed to impede dirt, debris, rodents or flooding to penetrate into the unit and cause irreparable damage to the items inside.

Winter storage – the proper way

For various regions, the winter season is long and harsh meaning that your garden will inevitably suffer the consequences. You have to abandon it and spend most of your time indoors because it represents the only warm environment available. However, you should not forget about your tools. Instead, a smart move is to store them. If you think about your shed or basement, think again because they are not suitable for keeping gardening tools over the winter due to damp and cold conditions. Moreover, you surely do not want to occupy valuable space in the garage so they only option remaining is self-storage. Prepare your tools before storing them. Start by cleaning them with water and soap then continue with methylated spirits where necessary. The second step is to sharpen the sheers, lawnmowers, secateurs and other blades. If you do not have experience and you do not want to risk your fingers, you can resort to a professional service. During the storage period, your gardening tools will be inactive so you should coat them with oil in order to prevent rust.