How to combine materials for your kitchen

You are renewing your kitchen and you have no idea how to get the materials used match? There are some things you might want to keep in mind when choosing what items to buy and how to combine them. Without the help of an interior designer it is quite hard to make a decision regarding mixing and matching furniture and appliances, but with a little bit of passion and dedication you will get the wanted result. Here’s a sum up of the most successful ways to put a kitchen together:


First thing first, make sure you add details to your room. From wholesale ribbons UK nicely arranged around the chairs to lamps and curtains it all can bring that luxurious look you are striving for. Not paying attention to details is a big mistake when organizing a room, because the impact they give is enormous.

Countertops and Cabinets

  • Use wood texture – one thing is for sure: wood adds the exact effect you want to achieve for a kitchen; real wood is expensive and if not treated is not as resistant as a countertop with wood texture; choose what colour fits best
  • Pair up for an uniform look – using countertops that fit the cabinets will get you that smart, uniform look without making your room looking overcrowded or messy; the tones you’re using should be similar and this style fits best for small kitchens
  • Raw edge – using statement materials that have a polished look will give that clean-looking and smooth feeling for your working space; keeping it at simple as possible means a modern touch to your kitchen
  • Colour block – if you are willing to use colour in order to set a focal point to your kitchen, try laminated surfaces (which can be found in a great variety of nuances) for countertops or cabinets; consider what kind of look you’d like to achieve and play with every colour you like; it will bring that youthful ambiance everyone loves
  • Monochrome – when you are striving for a conformist, elegant look, keeping everything under the same tone will add a professional touch to your room; a serious, highly functional kitchen with simple countertops and cabinets will do it


Choosing appliances isn’t very diverse. Try looking for either a metal colour that fits your furniture, either matte white/black. You might have a little bit of trouble finding special nuances for fridges and stoves (such as red). Classy kitchens usually have metallic appliances. Plus, they are easier to keep clean than the matte ones and easier to find than the special coloured ones.