Essential Pool Cleaning Tools

Cleaning the pool is essential and it should be part of the regular maintenance you perform on your pool. With the right tools, it will be very easy and you will always have a clean pool without too much effort. Here’s what your pool cleaning arsenal should include for the best pool maintenance.

The pumice stone

Concrete pools can be easily cleaned with a pumice stone which is a porous glassy stone that can be used for removing spots on the pool’s surface. Pumice stones can be attached to a handle so you can easily clean the pool while sitting on the edge or you can get one with a handle for a closer cleaning. Avoid using pumice stone of a tile or fiberglass pool that can be easily scratched.

Pool brushes

Considering all the dirt and debris that gathers on the pool’s walls and floors, you must brush it at least one a week to keep it clean and safe for swimming. The pool brush helps you remove algae, dirt, and other films from the pool’s surface, which other cleaning methods can’t handle. Brushing the pool once a week extends the durability of the pool and keeps the water clean so you won’t get sick while swimming. For concrete pools, the stainless steel brushes work very well but for vinyl pools, you should use a softer type of brush like a plastic bristle one. A triangular brush will easily get into corners and on the steps so you won’t miss an inch.

Skimmer nets

The most popular pool cleaning tool is the skimmer that removes large debris from the pool like twigs and leaves. Skimmers consist of a flesh net attached to a telescopic pole that allows you to clean the pool water from the side anytime you detect large debris on the water’s surface. For debris located on the bottom of the pool, you can use the leaf rake, which is also a mesh net but much deeper so you can easily collect debris from the pool floor.

The robotic pool cleaner

One efficient pool cleaning tool that beats them all is the robotic pool cleaner, a smart device that can scrub and skim the pool so no debris remains in the water. Robotic pool cleaners feature rotating bristle brushes that remove debris from the entire surface of the pool and absorb the debris inside their filter without needing your assistance. You simply sink it in the pool and it does all the hard work for you. Since there are various pool cleaners to choose from, we advise you to peruse the website in order to see which would be the most convenient choice. On that website, you will find useful information that will help you compare and contrast the features of different pool cleaners, so that you can narrow down your choices to the best options.