Creative handmade ideas for your wedding

The costs of a wedding can be very expensive. If you are a handmade lover, you should think that you can do so many interesting things without being necessary to buy them. Everything you should do is to decide this early because you will need time. There are so many things that you can do using just a few materials and being patient. You have to be a person that loves working at details. When you work with passion, everything is easier. You can also ask your friends to help you with doing handmade decorations for your wedding. People will appreciate a lot your effort and your creativity. If you want to impress more, you should think to some ideas for personalised wedding ribbon for example. Ribbons are very nice decorations for a wedding because they are so sweet.

How to make a bohemian photo booth

If you want to take some special photos at your wedding, it’s time to think to some unique ideas. Many people hired some professional companies to create a special photo booth for their wedding. But it is not so hard to make it without spending so much money. You should simply choose the best place from your garden and start imagining how it should look. It is very bohemian to make some photos in front of a tree that is decorated with ribbons and lace. Everything you have to do is to tie them around a branch and make sure that the colours and textures mixt together in a perfect way. The wind would make them look amazing. You can add some chairs in the back and maybe some beautiful flowers.

A special wedding bouquet

Your wedding can be unforgettable if you choose to make it in a different way than other people. The wedding bouquet is very important for every bride but it is so sad that you can’t keep it your entire life. Nowadays, some brides had the courage to make themselves the bouquet for their wedding. You can do it to if you love handmade things. You need many ribbons and patience. You can find on the internet many ways for making it and you will be surprised that it is not so difficult. The best part is that it would be unique and fascinating. You can add some pearls or little jewelleries to it in order to be more impressive.