Common Malfunctions of Fitness Machines

Fitness machines might work properly for a long time but they could stop working at some point due to various causes. Stop of the common malfunctions can be easily solved without taking the unit to a service but others might require the assistance of a professional technician. We have handled the most simple problems seen in treadmills and rowing machines and we show you can you can solve them in the following lines, in the hope that you will be able to use your fitness equipment in a short time.

Common malfunctions of treadmills

Console problems

Usually, this happens if the power cord is not plugged properly, which is the first thing you need to check before troubleshooting your treadmill. Also, check the batteries and make sure the wires are well plugged into the console. You can also try to unplug the cord for one minute and see if the treadmill starts working properly.

The treadmill works erratic

If you notice that your treadmill is not working evenly, it might be improperly grounded, so make sure it is connected directly to a wall power supply and not through an extension cord. This problem can also be caused by a loose console cable, an unlubricated treadmill belt, or signs of wear on the belt or deck.

The belt is slipping

This problem could be caused by the wrong position of the running belt so you should check it and see if it needs to be aligned or tightened. Tightening it too much is also bad because it might cause it to slip due to increased pressure so check it by lifting it in the center on the sides and if it can’t be lifted around 3 inches, it’s too tight. Lubricating the belt too much can also make it slip.

Common malfunctions of rowing machines

Flywheel problems

The flywheel of the rowing machine is what gives you resistance so if you feel that it doesn’t work properly, flip the machine onto its side and see if the resistance strap is still on the flywheel. If it’s misplaced, simply put it back on and flip the rowing machine back. This will not damage the machine in any way.

Drag strip problems

Another common issue of the rowing machines is the drag strip that can be hard to pull. One solution is to remove and clean it by pulling it many times in a row so the dust will come off. Another solution would be to flip it over so it will last longer and the last thing you can do is to replace it completely if the previous two won’t work.