Can artificial grass be installed over concrete?


Are you tired of welcoming your guests with the unpleasant look of concrete from the front of your house? You might want to create a beautiful green landscape, similar to your neighbours’ yards, but you know that it requires a lot of money and work to get rid of the concrete, and to plant flowers and trees on the place of the concrete. Well, this does not mean that you do not have the possibility to create a green island in your front yard. You have to get in touch with professional artificial grass installers, and ask them, if they could offer you help. If you choose the Grono artificial lawn, you have the opportunity to save money and time, and avoid removing the concrete. You should make sure you contact a company that has handled projects similar to yours before, because you want to be sure that the grass will look as naturally as possible, and you will not have issues with its installation in the future.

What you have to do

Before getting in touch with the artificial grass provider, you should measure the concrete. They will need these measurements, because according to them they will be able to determine the amount of artificial turf they have to use. You should take a look online and see what the price for different types of turf is, because you have to be sure that you have the money you need. Make sure that you save some extra money, because in case of inaccurate cutting or measurements, you will need an extra amount of artificial grass.

Do you want to install the artificial grass by yourself? Here is what you should know

In case you decide to save money and to install the artificial grass by yourself, then you should know that you have to follow clear instructions, in order to done it right. In case the concrete features cracks, you have to remove the weeds that are present between them, because they will influence the quality of the installation. Also, you have to sweep the surface of the concrete thoroughly, and examine it to ensure no organic matters or dirt are present. After removing the weeds you will have to treat the cracks with commercial herbicide, so make sure you save money for it, and you use a reliable one, to have no issues in the future.

Installing the artificial turf

After you prepare the concrete surface you have to unroll the artificial grass and to adjust it in such a way to create rows, and to be sure that it perfectly join at the seams. In case there is any excess of turf, you have to cut it with a sharp knife. Before doing this you will have to let the turf settle for a few hours. In this way, you prevent the appearance of wrinkles and creases. You will have to use outdoor glue or tape to affix the edges of the artificial grass to the concrete.